Friday, September 9, 2011

We Made It!

Yay, week 1 is over and I am glad that it is the weekend.  I will definitely miss them but my feet are hurting so bad that I need a break. I must say, they are a great bunch and can walk in the hallway quietly already! They make me so proud.

JUNGLE green folders are kept on Friday and I will be returning them back on Monday.  Please look for the Scholastic Book orders and newsletter this Monday.  We have two birthdays this upcoming week, Delaney and Maxwell.

Next week, we will meet our 4th grade buddies! I haven't told the kids yet but I am sure that they will be excited.

Every Wednesday, we will be having library. 

Here are some pictures I took this week, there are more but I left my camera at school.

Meet some of the fabulous students from Room 1:

Hope you enjoy :)

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